Sunday, December 21, 2014

Menzshed Newsletter - December 2014

Well it’s getting to that time of the year; we've had a busy time of it as The Shed
continues to grow.

We are pretty busy with IHC, Active and a few other groups utilising the facilities. This takes a good chunk of Wednesday. Cheers to Ron (one of the coordinators) for looking to this, not an easy task.

We were discussing a web site, but at this stage we will be starting off with Facebook

We have been a bit lax with the outwork, as our vehicle is in need of a WOF investment.

We've received more kindy toys to repair.

Ron’s currently refurbishing some wooden prams etc.found in Newtown Play Center’s storage shed.

We’re installing Emergency Water Storage Units at a women’s temporary accommodation facility.

There is flow of walk-ins that can be quite interesting in their requests. Of course “Everything can be done, what can be done”. We’ve only had one this year that was out of anyone’s reach, other than God’s. Alice keeps us on our toes with her requests, Thanks for the beers Alice. “Appreciated”

Newtown Health, Newtown

  • Acrylic shaded bench area
  • Re-set cupboard door
  • Fix sliding door
  • Cap cables etc
Newtown Health, Strathmore
  • Put a versatile lamp in consulting room
  • Repair sliding door (I hate those)
  • Acrylic book ends
Some step up platforms and a primo utility cupboard for a Play Center, they came out quite good.

Big clear out (out the back) this "term", is way better now.

Made a wrapping paper stand, came out good, will be doing some more next year, thanks Dave.

All the best
   over and out


End of Year Rarddi Raa

We will be closing on the 20th Dec re-opening on the 14th Jan.

Many thanks to the following
  • Terry, for contribution to the Menzshed stock and tools (much appreciated and currently in use.)
  •  Christine, we are grateful for the paint – the IHC guys are having a field day with it. Electrics are/have been put to good use.
  •  Ruth, the draws (amongst other things) have already been utilised by making several smaller bedsidish (yeah) type. As well as useful in the Shed. They came out real good. All of use. Thank you
  •  Barbara much appreciated.
  •  Darryl -  A great help!!!
  •  Dave Saved us, more than once. (What can one say?)
  •  Ken Wow, thanks!!!
  •  David Assisting where needed. Cheers
  •  Jim Thanks for filling-in when needed, good one.
  •  Pip Thanks mate, still refurbishing the lathe, will come out real good.
  • Alice Thanks
  • The Sisters of Compassion: For your support, Menzshed is more than grateful. A true indication of grace and generosity.
  • To those who have just dropped in and given. BRILLIANT. (It’s all that needs to be said)To all those who have utilized the Shed through out the year. Beauty, Catch yas next year
  • To those with interest, support or just looking Cheers, have a good one.
  • Not least Ron, Ross and Dave, giving their time to keep it operational.
  • The Trustees, who without, we’d be without. Good Stuff!!!