Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wellington eDay - for computer disposal, Saturday 12 September 2009 9 am-3 pm

What is eDay? 

eDay is a community initiative designed to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling computers and the hazardous nature of electronic waste (e-waste), while offering an easy way for households and schools to dispose of old computers and mobile phones in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Where: Westpac Stadium carpark,Waterloo Quay, Wellington

When: Saturday 12 September 2009 9am-3pm

What: The following can be disposed of

    * computer hardware
    * monitors
    * networking equipment (e.g. modems, routers, hubs)
    * scanners
    * keyboards, mice, speakers
    * laptops
    * printers
    * game consoles
    * toner and ink jet cartridges
    * mobile phones
    * fax machines
    * digital cameras

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Notes on 20 August meeting

Hello everyone

Yet another good turnout at the shed today, Walking in was to the buzz of chatter, with the sheddies checking out the latest drop off of furniture in need of repair from Refugee Services.

The meeting, as usual, started off with a cuppa and biscuits and talk of what's been happening with the sheddies over the last week.

After a fashion we settled in to 'talk shop' and covered the following topics:

  • Paul, the resident builder at Bunnings was on hand to deliver the last of the materials to make a start on the play stations for the Cats Protection League.
  • Work on the play station will start on Monday 24th, 10am if you would like to join the crew.
  • Paul has advised Bunnings are able help out with some off cuts that can assist with some of our repairs, thanks to Bunnings!
  • Norman will look into getting a job sheet formatted so we can make sure the jobs we take on are carried out in a timely fashion and will organise a poster, to help advertise our Menz Shed and to mention we are always happy to receive donated tools!
  • Garry to deliver posters advertising our rental space at the Design School.
  • We are waiting on information around zoning of the shed to understand what type of activities we can pursue that won't have restrictions around noise etc.
  • Bill made progress with the garden space outside the Soup Kitchen, where he under planted the cabbage tree, looking great Bill thanks for your efforts!
Meeting closed around 12.30pm

Next week at the shed

Monday 24th the team will be meeting at 10am to begin work on the cat playstation, everyone is welcome to chip in!

Thursday's meeting we have Rosemary Nourse from WellElder Counselling Services for older people coming to give the group a presentation on their services.

The rest of the agenda is to be confirmed.

Watch this space!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Menz Shed Wellington meeting Thursday 20 August 2009 10.30 am

This week at the shed:
  • We will be visited by Paul Wilson, resident builder at Bunnings, who will bring the rest of the wood and screws to enable the cat playstation to be assembled. If anyone has a drill they could bring along for the day that would be most helpful!
  • Paul has suggested that he could take a couple of the sheddies to the Cat Protection League on Thursday for a quick visit, to check it out and have a look at what the assembled stations look like to report back to the shed.
  • Paul also advised that he may be able to assist with our work benches and that he has access to designs for other projects the sheddies might like to take on, such as a basic picnic table. More about that on Thursday!
  • We would also like to get everyone involved in a discussion around 'Rules of the Shed'. This means that you all have input into how your shed runs.
  • If anyone has any suggestions or points of interest they would like to share, you can email or contact me directly.
See you for a cuppa at 10.30am!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Menz Shed Wellington meeting Thursday 13 August 2009 10.30 am

Here are the highlights of Thursday's gathering at Menz Shed Wellington.

The committee met earlier with the steering group to talk around some issues that need to be put in place, including:

  • What the zoning (light industrial etc) of Haining St is so we know what kind of activities we will be able to run out of the shed
  • Whether there may be noise restrictions etc when using some machinery.
  • Organising a 'rules list' around workplace behaviour etc, it would be great if all sheddies have input into making up this list, as this is YOUR shed and YOU need to contribute to how you would like it run.
  • Committee meeting out of the way, we welcomed the team from Bunnings, who spoke to us about their involvement with the Cats Protection League and the plan to build a 'cat playstation'. The sheddies mucked in and brought the already cut to length wood for the project into the shed, which will probably get assembled next week.
  • The cabinet and washing machine that were delivered by Refugee Services for repair, are now repaired and ready for a refugee family
  • .Keiran Monaghan, Primary Healthcare Nurse from Newtown Union Health paid us a visit, to talk to the group on mens health, primarily, the subject of prostate cancer. This was a very interesting presentation which the sheddies had lots of questions around and stories abounded! A healthy discussion to say the least. Keiran, is willing to be our 'resident nurse' and will be coming along to other shed meetings, which will be advertised beforehand.
  • Norman brought along some 'logos' that he has been working on and would like sheddies to vote on which one we can use as the official 'Menz Shed Wellington' logo. This will then be used on our ID badges, posters, forms etc. Thanks for your efforts on this Norman!

Meeting at Menz Shed Wellington Thursday 30 July 10 am

Thanks to everyone who attended.

A warm welcome to Barry and Peter who joined us today.

We're sure everyone enjoyed the presentation by Liz Barrett from Refugee Services, who explained what they do to assist refugees settling here in Wellington and how we may be able to help them with furniture repairs etc.

We also had a visit from Jack Perkins from NZ on Air who made his presence known with his microphones and getting an understanding of what Menz Shed is all about, thank you to those of you who contributed to this.

There was certainly lively discussion today and we're pleased to advise that we now have 3 of the group who have put their hands up to form a committee so we can look to move forward.  A big thank you goes out to Garry Prockter, Doug Walkin and Henry Hodge. I know everyone will help support them in their roles.

Some other topics discussed:

Garry has designed work benches and will be providing us with the measurements of the equipment needed so we can start building them, thank you Garry!

Bill has indicated that he is happy to look at the underplanting around the cabbage tree that the Soup Kitchen had requested some assistance with.  We will look at sourcing some plants to get this job started.

Norman will be busy designing name tags so we can all identify each other!

We asked those present to indicate what days they would prefer to attend whether it 1 or 5 days a week… we'll check out the results and let you know.

Steve has kindly donated a free standing Ryobi Tablesaw (he won it in a raffle, jammy eh?)

Steve also spoke to the group and gave an overview of what Menz Sheds are all about, with some discussion around membership, rules, safety and security issues.

And of course, the tea, coffee and biscuits were shared around.