Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MenzShed 30 August

There we were, at least a dozen blokes, and being quietly led like lambs to the slaughter by this attractive young woman, Ruth Collingham. An hour later, and nearly everyone present had fallen for her blandishments and had volunteered to be a this, or a that, or a something to help run the MenzShed. Since none of us had any intention of volunteering when the session began, this was a wonderful achievement, and Ruth deserves praise for that. Read more about this in the 30 August newsletter.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

MenzShed 19 August

Good Morning Sheddies

Yes, it's someone else with your weekly newsletter. Nigel Clough is busy setting up the Kapiti MenzShed and is working on his local weekly newsletter. John Shrapnell has stepped in (Nigel and John were broadcasting colleagues in a former lifetime).

So what's new ? Well, everyone can see that the fire engine is taking shape now. Before too long the project could be ready for delivery and we'll make a lot of children very happy. Andrew picked up Fire Service decals last week and Mitre 10 Mega have offered something similar of their's to display as the material sponsor.

Have you noticed the progress Garry 's making with his rocking horse. A great piece of work from Gary who works quietly but steadily on his project. It's just the machines that are noisy.

John has finished assembling his tap aids for arthritis sufferers last week so they are ready for final sanding and varnishing
Meanwhile Jim is getting the workshop organisation into shape.
Emergency Callout
Robin answered a desperate call from the Sisters of Compassion to help out a Refugee family with a faulty washing machine. They also had a sick baby. This happened just as we were closing up shop last week. Don't know the outcome, but simply stepping up like he did and going off immediately with Sister Phillipa means Robin deserves the Medal of Compassion.
Nigel says he has no doubt there are lots of other positive things to mention, but last week he focused upon talking with people and drinking tea. Nigel also says the Refugees have been reminded to remove the carpet tiles if they want them, or we will make uses of the tiles.
Today (Wednesday) Gary will be opening up at 1pm for a session with out Grumpy Old Men.Tomorrow (Thursday) the usual session but we will have one or two visitors popping in. Jane from Upper Hutt's Job Seekers will being taking look with a couple from her group, and a young Vietnamese student volunteer may come with Helen Young.

John been assembling our various databases and looking for gaps in our information. Shortly he will start sending people a personal email to each of you showing you the contact details we have listed so that we can fill in any vital gaps.

Meanwhile remember one of the greatest pleasures in life is doing what others say you cannot do.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MenzShed 12 August

Life is back to normal again this Thursday with our usual workshop activities under way again.

The Naenae Community Fair is over so the focus is back to our own things again.

Bags of Kindling sold well as was expected. Same with the various Bird Feeders so our stock is low in those areas again. Lots of interest in the cradles but nobody came up with the dosh.

The Fire Service has some Decals for us to use on the famous fire engine so that project team is definitely back into full swing.

Jim has been working on all sorts of safety and workshop layout issues in the Shed. Please count your fingers going both in and out of the shed.

W'ere hoping that Refugee Services have taken away the carpet tiles. It will make some extra room. Refugee Services is also looking for a volunteer to cut some carpet to fit an apartment. They have carpet available and a refugee with asthsma and bare floors in the supplied apartment. The carpet just needs cutting to fit. A proper laying with edging is not permitted. There is even the suggestion that the carpet tiles might be better. ANY VOLUNTEERS??? Let us know and we will put you in touch with the right people.

We still haven't had any luck with that soup machine. Anybody have contacts in the serious soup making market?


PS We don't know about everyone else but we think we will be into serious tea drinking and talking this week.

See you all there

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MenzShed 5 August

Hello all Sheddies

Another week has almost passed and

Last weeks social occasion with guests from Refugee Services, Porirua Wessley Elder Care and the like went extremely well. The pies and cream butterfly cakes we had were all baked and donated to the occasion by John. They were just MAGIC!!! Garry's efforts on BBQ sausages also went down a treat.


Its back to the tea, coffee, biscuits, the fire engine project, firewood, tap turning aids, cradles, rocking horses and all sorts of activities. Don't forget we are finishing off some items for selling at Naenae MenzShed's Community Fair stand this Saturday 7 August. If you get a chance take a look at the fantastic job Henry has made of some dolls cradles. Any grand daughter would treasure one of these. Last week Garry was well into a rocking horse too, and Doug has generated at least 10 bags of kindling for sale at the fair. John had the first of his tap aid for artritis sufferers completed. Nigel is working on a couple of honey water feeders for birds too but keeps getting distracted. There might be a bit of midnight oil burnt at his place to get the promised items done.

In case any of you are interested he is currently feeding about 40 wax eyes, 1 black bird and 4 Tuis with his honey, fat/peanut butter pinecones and cut apple feeders. Nigel notes it just makes his day each morning to step outside to find them waiting to see what's for breakfast. They will come out of winter in fantastic condition to go into breeding season.

This weeks session will have an added purpose


The Haining Street MenzShed has been in operation now for more than a year. So it's time for us to do a bit of navel gazing to see what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong and what might be something different to try. By making this effort we can make sure that the Shed does what the members want and not some committee's idea of a MenzShed's purpose.


This Thursday at 11am we have enlisted the services of an outside specialist, Ruth Collingham, to help us review the past year and get feedback on moving the place forward. Input from members is crucial, so please come along and help with programme ideas that will make the place a success, in moving into the next year of operation. We need some members to put up their hand, to volunteer help keep the place interesting and working for its men members.