Saturday, April 19, 2014

Quarter 1 2014

A lot has happened since the last note.

We now have new associations with Mary Potter Hospice and Wellington/Wairarapa Plunket Association.

The beginning of the year has been quite busy, with a regular influx of people utilizing the Shed.

We are still occupied with the IHC’s Active and Alpha groups, we now also have Te Waka – Whaiora involved.

There still are the smaller jobs such as letter boxes, sharpening tools, repairing handles etc that get dropped in.

We have a chap, David, who has just completed a stack of crazy signs for a wedding and is now making a cool play house.

We have David making a crazy mobile Weta (he volunteers at Zoolander).

We have a few people coming in one evening for tips on DIY. (Thanks Dave)

There is a collapsible table in the design experiment stage, from small to large.

There is Simon making models, he also is repairing ones a woman gave us, that was handy, him.

Ron has done a massive job at Plunket over quite a period. (Too big for the fathers to finish) Good One Buddy.

Ross has started at Mary Potter Hospice, doing their maintenance; this appears to be an ongoing project, while they accumulate for their much needed refurbishment.

Along with the usual suspects dropping in it has been and hopefully will continue to be as it should.
Quarter 2 2014