Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's on at MenzShed 25 March

A number of the crucial Shed Executive Committee were not present on Thursday through other preadvised committments.

Advised that Kotuku Flats in Kilbirnie, which has a high male occupancy, have a special day coming up and asked if we wished to attend and promote the Shed. Andrew and Nigel have put their names forward to provide a general brochure for distribution on the day and to present a display and answer questions from those interested. Others also to assist once the details are finalised. Helen is to send details

Helen will print up some more project forms ready for next week so that projects cane be defined and clarified.

There are anumber of projects banking up and needing to be completed.

  1. The Johnsonville West Kindergarten fire engine is sitting looking quite sorry for itself. At the end of the session Andrew and I paid a visit to Paul Wilson at Kilbirnie Bunnings resulting in Bunnings donating a 13mm ply cover sheet that will be perfect for rebuilding the damaged sides. He also supplied a part sheet of 10mm ply which will be useful in the rebuild. We loaded the materials on the car roofrack and delivered them back to the Shed in passing through the city. This project now needs someone to stand up and lead the a team in the restoration efforts. There is both woodwork and metal work skills needed here. I have a cheap jigsaw that is available to cut out the profiles needed.
  2. The raised garden project including the one for the Sisters of Compassion and the Sheds own garden, need a person who knows a bit about such things to take control and bring the projects through to completion. With the gardens being on asphault and hard gravel base, special attention will be needed to correct drainage and retaining the soil once filled. The one shed person I know who is knowledgeable about gardening is Bill Wallace and I intend to see if he will become the man in charge. Bill already makes a regular effort to tidy up the Sisters of Compassion Soup Kitchen garden and he deserves a big thanks for these efforts.
  3. Stuart delivered a beautiful old mahogany coffee table that needs reconstructing. Glue has dried out resulting in dowells breaking or coming out. This is a nice piece of furniture from Mary Potter that when repaired will fetch a decent return. Henry has volunteered as the handy person to accurately drill out the old dowells with his home drill press and kick this one off.
  4. The Regency Table leg repair has commenced but is currently delayed due to Garry being unavailable through other committments. He may wish to hand this job over to another sheddie.
  5. Refugee Services have a childrens pushchair waiting for its fold out sunshade to be repaired. All the bits and bobs are now there ready for completing that project and needs someone to step forward and take it on.
  6. The materials to construct a storage board for our name badges are waiting for somebody to put it all together. We might remember to put on and take off our badges as we arrive and leave if this board made the labels obvious.
  7. The fridge/freezer at the menzshed is at an unknown state. It was delivered just before Christmas and ownership is uncertain. If anyone knows the details of this project can they please advise. It may be a Matthew Porritt job.
  8. The shelves to accommodate the donated jigsaw library was erected just before the Open Day and is ready for organising display and storage. A project leader would be welcome. The loan system and follow-up also needs setting up properly and maybe formalised.
  9. There is one good student desk and a large number of carpet tiles for Refugee Services that need picking up by them. This needs a follow up.
  10. The second heavy old government type desk might be suitable as a workbench if we put some wheels on it. Maybe an ingenious person might have ideas on how to make good use of that desk.
  11. Finally we discussed a newsletter that needs to be sent out to our membership list encouraging them to come in one of the days of the week either with their own project or hobby and we need more members to step up and take ownership of the projects already waiting attention at the Shed.
  12. One additrional matter that was part of the discussions between Paul Wilson, Andrew and Nigel, was the raised gardens for refugees that Bunnings fund. Paul is about to contact the person who coordinates these activities to get the next address chosen. When that happens, he will visit the site to assess needs, design the garden, have materials cut to approximate size, deliver all materials and soil needed to the address for the MenzShed to assemble and install according to the design. So there should be another good outside team job available soon. Any member interested in being part of the Bunnings Refugee Garden Team please let us know at the Shed.
Thoughts are that next Thursday we will write up all the outstanding projects on the whiteboard and invite anyone to put their name to the project teams that they would like to be part of.

OPen Day 13 March comment and future events in the Shed

We would just like to recognise the efforts of the sheddies that put in the time to make the Open Day the success that it was.

Thanks to those of you who put in the extra effort to get the pamphlets delivered, shed tidied up, decorated and ready for the opening. You know who you are! Well done!

Thanks especially to Nigel & Andrew for the great work done on the visual display powerpoint, forms and for manning the barbie!

Photos of the Open Day to be put on the blog as soon as they come to hand.

Just a gentle reminder that there are a few things happening for the sheddies to join in with, like…


Doug has advised that he is involved with a walking group who meet regularly and has suggested that any Sheddies who would like to partake, can meet at the following locations:

Each Monday the group meet at 10am at the Cornerstone (2 Ganges Road), which is the Community House in Khandallah, this walk usually goes for 1 hr.

On checking the bus timetables, we see that the only bus (free to SuperGold Card holders) that will get you there on time leaves from the Railway Station (stop D) buses no 43 or 44 at 9.03am. The bus journey takes approx. 30 mins.

The other walking group meet every second Wednesday (next date 24 Feb, then fortnightly thereafter) in Johnsonville, at Raroa Park, Burma Rd, between Malvina Major & Onslow College. A train can be caught to Raroa Station and there is a track from the station that leads to Raroa Park.

These walks usually take in historic places of interest and or flora and fauna and are more of a 'dawdle' than a workout! The Wednesday walk is 2hrs approx.

If you are interested in joining the walking groups, for more information call Doug on 938 7965 or 0274373285.


The Shed will be open each Tuesday & Thursday morning from 10am for any woodworking activities, whether it be a community project or something you would like to bring along to work on.


Norman is keen to have other sheddies join him on Wednesday afternoons 1pm - 3pm for the 'Grumpy Old Men' sessions where you may be able to solve the problems of the world! So if you are keen to voice your opinion and share your thoughts… Nothing beats a bleat over coffee and biscuits at The Shed.

If you have any suggestions for other activities that you may like to participate in at The Shed please share your ideas with the committee.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Agenda - MenzShed Grand Opening Saturday 13 March 10 am

The agenda for the day, will run as a follows:

  • 10am doors open and tea and nibbles will be served.
  • The plan is for people to be able to talk with the 'sheddies' and have a look around the shed at the different projects that are underway.
  • We are planning to have Kieran Monaghan (male nurse) to give a five minute presentation on mens' health and advise his availability to the group.
  • A welcome speech is set for around 10.45am where an overview of the MenzShed and the many benefits to older isolated men will be given.
  • At 11am, so not to conform to the usual 'ribbon cutting' ceremonies, we are hoping to have you wielding a pair of wire snips to officially cut 'the wire'!
  • Once the official part of the day is over, people are welcome to mingle and ask question
For your information, below is the press release which is being used to advertise the day.

Press Release - Official Opening of MenzShed Wellington

On Saturday, March 13th at 10am, MenzShed Wellington will be officially opened, marking the culmination of several years of preparation.

The MenzShed, has been created to meet the needs of older men in Wellington, with a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of those who are socially isolated.

MenzShed Wellington is up and running, with a mix of men using the facilities to pursue their own hobbies, enjoy companionship and to participate in community projects. Join us for tea and nibbles and a look around the shed before the opening ceremony at 11am by Sr. Margaret Anne Mills of the Sisters of Compassion.


MenzShed Steering Committee

p: 022 621 1902

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's On at the Shed, 25 February

Last Thursday was the usual meet and greet which started with tea, biscuits and conversations, which included:

* Monday Walking Group - Doug informed that the Monday walking group happened as usual with some of the 'sheddies' joining in and getting in a bit of fitness and historical info along the way. Garry, who attended and enjoyed the session, suggested that as the lady walkers far outnumbered the men, it may be an opportunity to form some nice relationships! For any enquiries about how and where to meet, give Doug a call on: 938 7965 or 027437 3285

* Norman's Wednesday Afternoon 'Grumble Sessions' - Norman is keen to organise a Wednesday afternoon session at the Shed for anyone who would like to join him in conversations on any subject, the skys the limit! What's on your mind? What would you like to discuss?

When: Wednesday afternoons 1pm, starting 10 March 2010.

* SuperGrans' - Thanks to Erin McMenamin, who gave a talk on how to shop smarter and save money on your purchases.

* Open Day - Menz Shed Wellington will be celebrating with an Open Day on Saturday, 13th March 10am - Come along and join the celebrations.

* Projects for this Thursday: We have the Johnsonville West Kindergarten's wooden fire engine at the Shed for repair, which is having some steering problems and is need of a bit of a touch up. Any one interested in lending a hand are most welcome, even if it's just to pass the screwdriver!

* Welder needed - Phillipa from the Soup Kitchen is in need of some assistance which requires a little welding job, can you help? If so, speak to one of the committee members.

Hope to see you all at the Shed on Thursday, 10.30am.