Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This week at the Shed - 28 September...

  • Much work was done this past Thursday in making the place more presentable:
  • Congratulations to all who worked mightily to make the place ready for an influx of new members.
  • As a reminder, The Menz Shed needs a donated cell phone that uses a SIMS card, so that we can publish our phone number and receive calls via voice mail.
  • Two of the bookshelves were relocated along the wall closest to the desk area which are currently being used to sort out the various hand and small power tools. Many of the tools donated have now been sorted. The next step is to examine them and decide which to keep, refurbish or get rid of. This will be done on Thu. Oct. 2.
  • Congratulations to all the men who worked on the first workbench, because it is now complete and will be moved to its permanent location.
  • The guiding light on the workbenches has been Tony Daniel, whose expertise as a carpenter was demonstrated by his handy tips and use of the table saw.

Monday, September 21, 2009

This week at the shed - 21 September

This week at the shed...

  • The committee have come up with a workshop rules list, which will be posted on the notice board for all to read and observe, especially around health & safety.
  • Last week saw the assembly of one work bench and this week the working bee will continue with the construction of another.
  • We would like all 'sheddies' to be involved in a survey and indicate what kind of activities they are interested in participating in, as this will have bearing on how the workshop will be set up and run. It has been recognised that we will need to look at having designated areas for woodwork, electrical and other activities so your input is greatly needed.
  • So we are better organised, a list of projects will be written on the new notice board and 'sheddies' are asked to put their names next to the project they would like to assist with. This way everyone can be involved.
The sooner the work benches are in place, the sooner the shed can be utilised and put to better use for everyone, so all hands on deck!

Shed Meeting 17 September

A hearty welcome back to Alan Royal who seemed to be in good spirits and was enjoying seeing the group becoming cohesive and working to assemble one of the new work benches.

The table top circular saw donated by Steve Jardine was put to very good use in ripping long lengths of lumber to size, which was then used as part of the work bench.

Tony Daniel was most instructive, helping with building of the work bench and showing expert technique using the table top saw.

A large white board was framed and mounted near the desk to be used for schedules and postings of various information.

It was good to see some three new members joining the group.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wellington City's first Health, Wealth & Wellbeing Expo for Seniors, Thursday 1 October 2009

Wellington City's first Health, Wealth & Wellbeing Expo for Seniors which will be held on:

Thursday, 1 October 2009 in celebration of
International Day of the Older Person
Wellington Town Hall 10 am- 3 pm
Entry is FREE

This is your chance to find out all you need to know about having a great life in Wellington.

Find out more about travel, continuing education, computer training, tai chi and genealogy, while enjoying great live music from the 20’s to the 60’s. You can talk to service providers including Age Concern and Grey Power and go shopping too – you’ll be amazed at the great range of gadgets, clothes and other interesting things on offer.

As well as finding out about things you can get involved in, you can talk to people from Government Departments and Council about services you may be entitled to and providers of care services and home support will be along too.

There will also be Tai Chi and Sit and be Fit demonstrations, plus GoBus Wellington will be bringing along the latest super low kneeling bus for you to try out and the Funeral Directors Association are keen to show off the pride of their fleet, a 1938 Packard Hearse, complete with white wall tyres!

Over 40 stalls will be exhibiting including:
Metlink ☻ Age Concern Wellington ☻ Miranda Smith Homecare ☻ Supergrans ☻ Victoria University - Continuing Education ☻ 50 Plus Travel ☻ The Order of St John ☻ Wellelder ☻ Alzheimers Wgtn ☻ Society of Genealogists ☻ Seniors Card Ltd ☻ Home Instead Senior Care ☻ Arthritis NZ ☻ Guardian Healthcare ☻ MSD - Card Centre ☻ ACC ☻ Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage ☻ Funeral Directors Assn. ☻ Wellington City Mission - Mission for Seniors ☻ Wesley Community Action ☻ MSD - Superannuitants Office ☻ SeniorNet Wellington ☻ Public Trust ☻ Grey Power ☻ NZ Fire Service ☻ MV2 Networks ☻ Wgtn Hospitals & Health Foundation ☻ Mobility & Beyond ☻ Wellington Emergency Management Office ☻ Ryman Retirement Villages ☻ Wellington Citizen Advice Bureau ☻ Greater Mobility ☻ PSC - Enliven Services ☻ Life Unlimited Hearing Therapy Services ☻ Volunteer Wellington ☻ David Lindsay Clothing Ltd☻ Home Energy Advice Centre ☻ City Stitchers Embroidery Group☻ Freedom Medical Alarms ☻ JAG Legal☻ Healthcare NZ ☻ NZ Police ☻ plus Wellington City Council Business Units including ☻ Library ☻ Rates Office ☻ Recreation Wellington ☻ Housing Upgrade Project ☻ City Safety ☻

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grey Power article 1 September 2009

The Wellington South Superannuitants Association Inc. newsletter, Grey Power News, has an excellent write up headed A place for 'Blokes'. The article has a generic overview of the Menz Shed philosophy and a specific section on our Shed and how to contact us.

NOTE: We are looking at providing a text messaging service only, for inward and outward texts to further our membership contact. Watch this space.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meeting 10 September

Today saw the usual kick off with tea and biscuits and much discussion around todays activities and how they might proceed.

  • Garry, the Chair explained to the assembled sheddies about the workbench design, where they were to be located, the size that was determined and where the vice grips might be placed etc.
  • Tony, wielding the electric saw (and ably assisted by Garry and Richard) began cutting the lengths of timber to size, ready for assembly.
  • Nigel took to making a wooden frame in which to mount the workshop white board, which will be wall mounted.
  • It was discovered that we didn't get delivery of nails, so Garry is arranging to pick these up and assembly of the work benches will begin tomorrow, Friday at 10am. Anyone wishing to lend a hand is most welcome.

When it is decided what will be happening next week we will post another notice.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Menz Shed Spectrum National Radio 6 September (note replay 10 September)

The Spectrum programme by Jack Perkins on our Menz Shed is summarised at this link and the MP3 podcast file (it is 8.5 MB) is found here

There will be a replay on National Radio at 7.30 pm Thursday 10 September.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This week at the shed…...3 September

This week at the shed…

Cup of tea & bikkies went well with the chatter that ensued after the examining and testing of tools that have found the way into the shed over the last week.

We heard from the resident committee about details discussed at their Monday meeting this week, which included:

  • A decision that a gold coin donation on entry to the shed, would help to replenish the tea, coffee and biscuits that everyone seems to enjoy.
  • Many thanks goes out to the guys at the Southern Landfill who are assisting us to 'kit ourselves up'. Electric drills, sander, toaster and some hand tools were kindly donated.
  • The Committee have worked on a draft of 'Shed Rules' which will be forwarded on as soon as they are finalised.
  • The sheddies discussed the sourcing of equipment, with a Bill offering to donate a bench vice, thanks Bill!
  • It was decided that the Committee will meet this coming Monday at the Shed, 2pm to identify and prioritise what tools, especially heavy duty ones like a drill press etc which will need to be sourced. This is an open meeting and all sheddies who would like to take part in this discussion are welcome to attend.
  • Tom advised that the Naenae Shed are holding a fundraiser at the Lighthouse Picture Theatre in Petone (Buick Street) on Wednesday 7th October, 6pm, to see 'The Mens Group' This movie has won awards and is akin to what 'sheds' are all about. If you are interested in attending this fundraiser you can purchase tickets for $20 (this includes the movie, nibbles, lucky spot prizes & raffle) from Claire O'Connor, Phone 04 567-0023 or email hvcommunity@wesleyca.org.nz
  • Garry will approach Harris's Art Supplies with regards to a white board for the shed & he will also attend a seminar to gain some ideas for funding.
  • Norman is looking into options with the different phone companies to find the best deal for us to have an answerphone system, so men interested in joining the shed can leave messages.
  • Alan Royal who is our webmaster and still recovering from his broken leg but still working hard at keeping our website up to date, has been contacted by 'The Shed' magazine editor, after he saw our write up in this weeks Dominion Post. He has advised they would like to do a news item on our Shed in the next months magazine. Exciting stuff!
Another point of interest is that our very own Menz Shed will be featured on Spectrum, which is a documentary programme on National Radio 101.3 FM , which runs on a Sunday 12.10pm after the midday news. Jack Perkins who organised the recording of the interviews, visited the shed for 2 weeks running a few weeks back, to get the commentary for the programme. So don't forget to tune in this Sunday, 6th September, 12.10pm National Radio 101.3 FM. Here is a link to their website which features our very own Menz Shed!

Next week at the shed…. It will be all hands on deck to begin the job of assembling our long awaited work benches! See you there!

Spectrum features Menz Shed Sunday 6 September

Spectrum is a documentary programme on National Radio 101.3 FM , which runs on a Sunday 12.10pm after the midday news.

This Sunday, 6 September, Menz Shed Wellington is the focus of the programme. Jack Perkins who organised the recording of the interviews, visited the shed for 2 weeks running about 4 weeks ago to get the commentary for the programme.

Here is a link to their website which features our very own Menz Shed!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This week, 27 August at the shed…

Rosemary Nourse from WellElder Counselling Centre for Older People, gave a presentation to the group on what services they provide both here in Wellington city and in Kapiti.
Below is a useful snapshot of what WellElder is all about.
WellElder believes that we all face challenges as we age. We are never too old to learn new skills, change behaviour, or grow in insight and understanding to maintain good emotional health.

Older people are used to getting on with life themselves, but a skilled professional is surprisingly easy to talk to and can help us to:

* move through depression
* reduce anxiety and/or stress
* make our own decisions about issues we are finding challenging
* improve our relationships
* develop our sense of well being
* come to terms with events and decisions in our lives.

No issue is too big or too small – our relationships, the loss of friends and family, where we live, memories that we live with, coping with the daily demands of life, anxiety or depression
– whatever it is that we face can be brought to counselling.
Sessions & Costs
Sessions last 50 – 60 minutes and clients are eligible for up to 6 sessions. Further sessions may be available if needed. We ask for a contribution of $10.00, or more, for each counselling session. If clients are unable or unwilling to meet this, our service is still available.

For more information:
Phone: 380 2440
Fax: 04 380 2449
Email: wellelder@slingshot.co.nz

After Rosemary's well received presentation the sheddies then started talking 'business' around the meeting agenda which included:

* Having 2 more 'sheddies' volunteer to be on the committee, so making up our committee are: Garry, Doug and Henry, who will be joined by Nigel and Norman.
* Documenting 'in house' rules.
* Financial report
* First Aid Kit - Newtown Union Health have been approached and are happy to put one together for the shed! Thanks to NUH.
* Bunnings have again approached us with another possible project, where Menz Shed may benefit financially to assist in covering some of our overheads. Bunnings have offered to supply the materials at cost and Menz Shed will make basic picnic tables or outdoor toy boxes to sell on.
* Tony has been assigned the task of drawing and measuring up for materials required to make planter boxes for our patch at the back of the shed.
* Garry has arranged with Bunnings the delivery of materials for us to begin building our much needed work benches, this will hopefully be delivered by Thursday.
* The committee met on Monday to discuss and draft the 'General Rules' and membership.
* The cat playstations, were whacked up in no time last week and Bunnings have collected them for delivery to the Cats Protection League, thanks to Tony,

This Thursday 3rd September - We may have a visit from the Wellington City Mission Budgeting Team - to be confirmed. Otherwise it's all hands on deck!