Thursday, May 27, 2010

MenzShed 27 May

Another good day last week. Lots of progress on a number of projects.

The plans for this Thursday are focused on a last Thursday of the month lunchtime BBQ. We hope to make this a regular social occasion when partners and friends can be invited along also. Nothing flash. Sausages in bread, a fried egg sandwich, tea, coffee, scones maybe if someone makes some. Once we have a small oven that will be a piece of cake to do but for now a little more of a challenge. Feel free to bring along a few biscuits or anything you want if it takes your fancy.

Alan Royal from the Steering Committe is stepping down and we will take the opportunity to offer our appreciation for his efforts to get the place off the ground.

Apart from the food it will be business as usual with the small jobs being done all round the place. For John - I have not forgoten the grinder and things to help shape your potato peeling aid project. I will even bring in an old rasp that might help.

The news from last week.

I noted that the Mahogany Coffee Table is now complete. It looks a million dollars and ready for sale to a good bidder. Andrew took some pictures to see if he can find a buyer. If we have a Trade Me expert maybe thats another prospective way to get a good price.

We had a lady visitor asking if we could make her a nice box to replace the plastic one that came with her Mahjong set and is now falling apart. She asked how much but I told her we relied upon donations for things and that when we had a box to offer we would negotiate with her to the satisfaction of both parties. Seemed a very pleased customer. Garry leapt at the opportunity to make something special to do the job.

Another lady came in the door with some excellent older joinery hand tools that had belonged to her father. A beautifully kept brace, a wide range of auger bits in a cloth case, 2 excellent wood planes (one a large Stanley and the other an older wooden one), a large aluminium level, a beautiful old carpenters square and especially useful is a large flooring clamp. (I know there is another name but the brain cells wont release it to me).

Robin's excercycle generator is definitely now a goer. Ready to demonstrate what can be achieved. An interesting one to watch.

The raised garden along the Soup Kitchen side wall has now been reconfigured, realigned, full seat installed and carpet placed inside ready to be filled with soil and planted. The progress here is important because when its completed we get paid by the Sisters. The other raised garden at the rear of the Shed was raided for extra timber to complete the Sisters one properly, and for now the spare macrocarpa is stored in out storeroom ready for a rebuild with whatever is left. It might be a bit smaller than originally intended, but that will make our drummer neighbour much happier and will probably suit our needs anyway.

Our Fire Engine project took another forward step with Wayne bringing in refurbished front wheel assembly for fitting to the new chassis. But the big news with the Fire Engine is that the holdup with sourcing materials from Bunnings has been overcome by a Plan B; definite agreed written sponsorship from Mitre 10 Mega to provide all that is needed for the rebuild except for wheels that they don't have. This is a big step forward. They are also insisting the use of premium materials to ensure the result to the community is long lasting. The things needed are to be picked up ready for use next thursday 3 June.

Further to the Bunnings problem, Stuart and Steve have sorted out any issues that got in the way with our relationship there. All will be OK when Susan gets back as the Manager.
I look forward to seeing you at the Haining St Shed from 10.00am onwards until we give it away.

Nigel Clough
Operating Committee

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MenzShed 21 May

Last week was a great day with lots of things completed, started, and planned. We all went home with the same number of fingers as we started with. Joking aside safety could be a big issue so lets take care with all the equipment we have.

There's still more ideas to work on and jobs to be done. There's some good stuff happening here and it can only get better.

The bandsaw blade has been welded so those shapeing jobs should be all on again. Peter is away in Taupo so his sawhorse patterns will come to a halt for now.

We have a prototype bird feeder idea to let people see and adapt to come up with our unique design.  All suggestions and ideas to make it work are welcome.

10.00 am onwards at the usual place, 6 - 8 Haining Street.

By the way we need a letter box solution for the Shed.  Something thats fireproof and that can be adapted to fit the building.

See you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MenzShed 13 May

Once again Thursday is rolling up tomorrow and the regular weekly Shed Workshop will be all on.  Last week went well with lots of suggestions for useful saleable items put into the great bucket of ideas.  We even started on making our first Weta Motels.  This week should see more progress there and I expect a few more of the suggested items will get started.

Ready for tomorrow I have also put together some information on winter bird feeders that should sell well plus gathered up information on feeders for honey eaters like Tuis, a real favourite in the garden.  Needs a bit of development that one.  I have some suggestions on "how to make a tui station" but there must be some better ones.

It is also worth noting that Garry bought in the first woodtuners tool last week so once the lathe table is adjusted to the true height work can start on turning out things on the lathe.

Last week we also had an offer from the lady at the Sisters of Compassion to buy some of our excess outside garden chairs.  That will help buy some of the materials we need to start some other projects. We look forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow from about 10.00am

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MenzShed 6 May

The projects we had under way are generally reaching completion apart from the Fire Engine that is waiting upon important material donations.  Hopefully not too far away though.  Andrew has been chasing that up this week and alternative sources are being sounded out as a Plan B.

The main thrust this week will be getting lots of small items under construction.  Things that we can sell at the door on say a Saturday as a garage sale to raise some money to buy materials to make further items that can be either sold (for donations) or donated to kindergartens, the community etc.  There are a number of suggestions alreay in the bucket.  like winter bird feeders from pine cones, weta motels from offcuts of untreated timber, letter boxes, garden dibbers etc.  How about a few more ideas and designs.  We have some timber and bits and pieces in our store and I am sure we will have no problem finding offcuts from joiners and builders that can be made use of.

See as many of you as possible there puting in your penny worth to help make this place thrive.