Saturday, August 3, 2013

Just an Update - September 2013

We have had a busy time of it of late, with various requests for assistance, picking up gear, making and repairing toys, cabinets, for various originations and individuals around the Wellington Region.
We have had quite a few new people in and through the shed for various different reasons.
Some offering their expertise to call upon if needed, ranging from photography, IT technology, joinery, plastering and building.
We are grateful to those, Thank you.

Some of the jobs

• Lockable tool cabinet - Kindy
• Repairing trolley handle so the kids won’t tip over
• Make improved trolleys
• Replace missing large puzzle pieces
• Make climbing boards
• Kids to scale saw horse
• Stands for some festival
• Gravity Karts 3 & 4 wheeled
• Quite a few name plates – IHC
• Bird Baths
• People in for various repairs (Bikes, Cases, Vehicles etc)
Pick up furniture for client (Health Board)
Side tables – for elderly
A custom sized dining (to fit under shelf) – for elderly
Build up height of lounge chair – for elderly
Recycling Station
Refit bathroom to storage with wall to wall shelving

These were for Newtown Play Centre, Miramar Play Centre, Clifton Terrace School, The City Mission, Fringe and Island Bay Festivals, IHC, Pensioners.

We have two lots of IHC groups of peoples and their care-givers utilising the shed, with another group starting this week.

In the interim (between writing and now) we have made stairs for a woman who has a child without stomach muscles. ( She was granted care assistance, but care-givers are not allowed to lift their charges). Funding did not go that far. They needed stairs to get to the change table; they had to be moveable and able to be put under the cot when not in use.
We are currently stripping an unused outside room to be made into an overnight caregiver accommodation for a chap who has had a stroke.
We are actively involved with people/clients from Pathways, Active, Idea etc.
We have just received expression of interest from Local Host (WCC funded – the homeless situation)
Shelving for Plunket