Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Grumpy Old Men' meeting 21 April

Sheddies -

This is a link to an interesting Mayo Clinic article about stress and relaxation.

The Mayo Clinic is a world recognized medical institution.

We have DVD's available at the shed for you to take home if you are interested. We can arrange for an instructor to come to the shed, if there is sufficient interest.

As a reminder, Grumpy Old Men will meet this afternoon (and most Wednesday afternoons) 1pm for a few hours of conversation, tea, coffee and bickies.

MenzShed 22 April

The projects already started continue and as a special this week we have a visitor Victoria Parsons. Victoria is gathering up material for a proposed book, " "Tips from your Grandpa".
Victoria says....
....TFYG is a follow up from the successful "Tips from your Nana" publication, which came out last year. The book is aimed at young adults and parents who might have missed out on valuable tips on life in the hectic times of modern living. It is not only Grandpas providing the handy tips, but an abundance of people who are thrifty and have skills in set areas. We will be covering such topics as growing your own fruit trees, fishing, how to paint your walls successfully, how to fix a leaky faucet, games and activities for grandchildren, and brewing your own beer, among many others. The aim is to get in touch with people from generations preceding ours and tap into their everyday knowledge, creating a how-to guide of DIY tips, anecdotes and stories.
Here are some links to some information about "Tips from your Nana", so you can get an idea of the feel of the book, and I will also bring a copy along on Thursday.

It would be wonderful to speak to you and your group about some tips you might have, and potentially photograph you at work in the shed. ....

So bring your best manners and grandpa's advice to the shed on Thursday to contribute your story to her research. I will need to smarten up my grandad's advice to make it fit for publication if I am to contribute. He was very forthright in his advice.
I'll also be looking for some volunteers to help with an information stand at the Kotuku Flats Feeling Great Day next thutrsday 29 April. Helen has printed up our new brochure for us so we can hand those out and explain what MenzShed Wellington is all about. Time to meet new faces and get out somewhere different.
Another little project we might also begin is to teach Norman (our resident Grumpy Old New Yorker) how to speak K1W1. He needs to learn about Gudday, yeah, and the subtle words used by the real kiwi bloke.
See you at 6 Haining Street about 10.00am onwards.