Sunday, August 3, 2014

News August 2014

We are quite busy at the shed currently.

The IHC guys are a current feature on a Wednesday morning. One chap, Trevor is off to Los Angeles to represent New Zealand in lawn bowls over there. Good One Buddy!!!

We have just received a task from The Correspondence School, maintaining, replacing repairing their early learning equipment.

 Bill, form Te Horo, donated some beautiful mahogany cabinet furniture. They were passed on as a keen restoration project. Thank you Bill, the return on that will be very handy for nails, screws, glue etc etc etc.

We are starting maintenance with Ronald McDonald House that could be interesting.

Mary Potter Hospice work is still on going when we can spare the manpower.

We are still having consistent utilisation of the Shed.

Simon's finished this large model plane it came out brilliantly.

Dave, been busy with rebuilding a couple of pull saws, one to sell to pay for the one for us - hen he’s not busy. Good one Dave

Darren is making a compound bow, that’s quite interesting - after making a gas burner.

Blaze gets quite busy with assorted activities, quite unique some of them.

Dave (other) is refurbishing an old wireless cabinet.

We have just finished an activity cabinet and step up platforms for Wilton Play Center - they came out quite good too.