Monday, November 8, 2010

Australasian Mens Shed video clips

A list of videos on the web showing activities of a number of Sheds

  • The Carina Shed in Brisbane - a “do-it-yourself paradise for blokes of all ages,” 3mins 11secs Carina..
  • The Melbourne Storm - supporting Men’s Sheds in Men’s Health Week 2010, 6mins 07secs Health..
  • The Forest Community Men’s Shed begins, 6 minutes Every man needs a shed.
  • The Taieri ‘Bloke’s Shed’  - starts in NZ, 2mins 3secs Taieri.
  • Kalamunda Men’s Sheds - click on links Several clips Short clips.

Men's Shed - Barry Golding, Associate Professor Barry Golding University of Ballarat

This is a chance to go to the replay of an ACENet  FlashMeeting or view the recorded notes of the same meeting held on 4 November 2010.