Monday, December 13, 2010

MenzShed 13 December

Sheddies -
Two announcements:
1- Please invite your favourite people to our "Seasonal Sausage Sizzle" thisThursday morning. The Shed will be open the usual time at 10am, the festivities should start at about 11ish till about 1pm.

HOWEVER!!!! if some hands could be available on Wednesday in the morning starting at about 10:30 to make the shed a bit more presentable, that would help.

2- Speaking of "hands", we have the following request:
Habitat for Humanity is currently sprucing up a property at 41 Hankey Street, Te Aro (off Hopper Street which goes south from Webb Street). We are in need of some guys to help us tomorrow (Tuesday)to level out a section as a volunteer team had to pull out. The job will involve shovels and rakes as we prepare a lawn for grass. I realise this is short notice, but if any of your fellows are free and willing to lend a hand, please could they call the Project Manager Murray McGaughran ( ph 027 244 9422) about the details. People will be on site from about 8.30, but any time that the guys might give would be appreciated.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MenzShed Drum Roll newsletter 8 December 2010


Shed open hours: Wed. 10am – 12:30pm General work activities
Wed. 1pm – 3ish Grumpy Old Men
Thu. 1oam – 1pm Projects and General work activities

Save the date: December 16th, we will be having a pre-Christmas gathering and Bar-B-Q, so bring spouses, friends and some food would be welcome too. This is an open invitation to all the MenzSheds in the area, so please make it known to one and all. Robbin has agreed to give a short talk about his Lake Taupo experience.
New News:

News Items: (Some less worthy than others).

Good morning at the shed last Thursday - 8 men there.

Garry Prockter pressed on with the new shelving for tool storage, using the handy versatile ladder recovered from the back room - we wonder what other useful articles we have stashed away in the corners of the shed.

Henry Hodge has had his quote accepted for the project of installing 2 sets of shelving in the offices of the Inner City Project on Riddiford Street, Newtown - so that is all on the go.

Don Matheson was in working on his Roadrunner windmills, shaping up the metal propellers.

Good to see Desmond return with his mate Jonathon.

Alan Royal poked his head round the door. He has continued updating the Wellington MenzShed website with copies of the newsletter, and has also updated it with interesting stuff from Australian MenSheds - take a look at it.

John Gibbon was busy showing off the upstairs premises to prospective tenants

Jim Yates recently visited the Omnibus Society at their premises in the bus depot on Darwin Street in Karori. They have 20 old buses stored there in various states of restoration - the oldest bus was produced in 1929, and there are a few buses there in the old Welllington Transport livery of red. He got shown around by Morris Moller, who had stories for every last one of the buses and a wealth of mechanical knowledge. If any sheddies are interested Morris invited us to go visit one Tuesday night in the new year. And they still welcome volunteer workers - no special skills required, just interest, elbow grease and common sense

Jim Baltaxe, our Health and Safety man is away on the mainland and will be returning on December 12.

The National Menz Shed Aotearoa Steering Committee has recently been in touch with a survey of all Mens Sheds in the country - they reckon there's about 35 in all. Take a look at their website:

As Porky Pig would say, “Th..Th..Tha.. That’s all F..F..Fo..Folks”

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MenzShed Drum Roll newsletter 1 December 2010


We are trying something new with today’s newsletter. Any corrective comments and suggestions are most welcome, so feel free to speak you mind.

For the moment, send your remarks to  Until we acquire another email address.

News Items: (Some less worthy than others)

Still Urgent:  We need to find a tenant for the space upstairs. Vincent, Our former tenant helped to pay our rent and we are desperate To find a replacement tenant.  If you have any suggestions, please contact any of the Shed committee.

New News: We have a world class cyclist Sheddie.  Robbin, our resident Thomas Alva Edison, has completed eight (8) laps around Lake Taupo and has been invited to participate in the “Race Across America”.  Congratulations Robbin. Now we have to see how we can sponsor a ticket to get him there. Any ideas??????

Save the date:  December 16th, we will be having a pre-Christmas gathering and Bar-B-Q, so bring spouses, friends, and some food would be welcome too.  This is an open invitation to all the MenzSheds in the area, so please make it known to one and all.  Robbin has agreed to give a short talk about his Lake Taupo experience.

When you come to the shed, you will see that a tremendous effort has been made by a number of our Sheddies to have a more presentable and useful work area.  A special “tip of the hat” to Garry Procktor for his efforts along with Terry Street, Jim Yates and Jim Baltax for planning, preparing and then assembling the shelving along the wall in the work area.  It goes a long way to making us look like we know what we are doing, not to mention the safety factor of putting things in the proper place. When finished we can sort out all the tools in the shed and make them more accessible for use.

Henry Hodge and Don Matheson have measured up 2 shelving jobs for the Inner City Project, Riddiford House, Newtown

Henry was the lucky man to get part time employment with Photo Higher, assisting in assembly work for precision camera gimbals and unmanned aircraft systems.  No doubt with his eye in the sky experience, Henry will end up working with NASA.

We are still looking for somebody with upholstery skills to reconstruct 8 seating pads for the Inner City Project.  Contact Jim Yates (564 5834) for details

Jim Baltaxe has a neat idea for for easily accessible fire alarm systems which could be an assembly job for John Neilson

Norman Kabak has been checking out a request for a carved wooden house sign which came in last week.  "Colgate Pete" might help on this job - can anyone tell Jim Yates where he can get in touch with him

Henry brought in two more assembled rocking horses and Doug Walklin has got them undercoated, ready for a colourfull top job.

It was good to see Bill Flanagan back on his feet again.  He called in on Thursday morning and is taking things a bit easier now

Nigel Clough paid us a visit on Wednesday and after a good natter went away with some Meltica boards on "permanent loan" for the Kapiti Shed

Grumpy Old Men session last Wednesday continued with John Shrapnell, among others attending..Today, Dec. 1st had both a morning chat session and just a bit of a continued clean up and this afternoons Grumpy Old Men gab fest had a surprise visitor, Robbin, who popped in, and told us of his experience while doing the Lake Taupo race.

Peter Randall of the Omnibus Society, based at the Karori Bus Depot, visited on Thursday to look for volunteers needed to restore and maintain some of the  40+ buses and coaches they have at the Depot.  The small society has expertise in metalwork but would appreciate anyone who could help with woodwork - skill levels, he says, are not crucial.  The society meets every Tuesday night, at 7.30 pm.  If anyone is interested get in touch at or phone 970 1405.

As Porky Pig would say, “Th..Th..Tha.. That’s all F..F..Fo..Folks”