Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grand Opening of the MenzShed Wellington 10 am Saturday 13 March

The Grand Opening of the MenzShed Wellington will iake place at 10 am Saturday 13 March at our premises 6 - 8 Haining Street, Wellington.

Further details can be viewed here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SuperGrans presentation 25 February 11 am at the Shed - nutritious and easy food preparation

The SuperGrans will make a presentation on preparing easy and nutritious food. This will be related to the needs of older people.

Encourage your friends to come along to this talk - especially if they are living alone or on a limited budget.

These talks have been well received by various community groups.

What's on at the Shed 18th February 2010

The business included:

* Account of current projects listed- several, including box garden, chicken coops & Fire engine (not life size!).

* It was noted that Bill has completed a number of Menz shed projects, (the garden by the Soup Kitchen and arranging for bookshelves at the Newlands Community Centre) sometimes under the collective radar and thanks have been given by Gary and now thanks are being given by the collective.

* Announcement and discussion about proposed presentation by SuperGrans: next Thursday 25th February.

* The Wednesday PM gathering at the Shed will be formally announced by an email mail out - Norman to oversee.

* Menz Shed Survey to be checked to ascertain direction to be taken re activities, talks etc.

Steve (SC):

1. Thanks to be made to Ms Helen Albright for jig saws donation to Menz Shed Library. System for borrowing explained.

2. Adult Community Education (ACE) interview to be arranged with Gabriel (who volunteered) to be our “Poster Boy” for the ACE publicity.

3. “Wellhung Sheddies Calendar” idea discussed. General excitement about concept and a few blokes very keen to show what they’ve got…but idea left hanging.

4. Steve gave a short presentation on “Why I am Here” which affirmed his commitment to his client group’s needs and in particular to the older men amongst them. This is for the Steering Group, the next stage- provision of a welcoming environment for these men.

5. Notification of funding available - two sources recommmended

Discussion followed as to how to get Sheddies involved and up to speed around funding applications. Invitation made for a volunteer from the sheddies to join the Steering Committee, in learning how to apply for funds.

6. There are no surplus funds at Bunnings. All money must be obtained upfront before purchasing for Community Projects e.g chookhouses and community raised beds.

7. Finally Steve encouraged Sheddies to bring in their hobbies and projects.

Tom (SC): Affirmed Steves korero about “Why I am here” applies to Tom as well. Next week a plan for how we shall provide for a group of our clients at the Menz Shed will be announced.

8. Doug : said that the Sheddies would support the application for Charitable Trust status. Some additional input to application to be provided within the next few days.

9. Big discussion about the Menz Shed Blogsite and the proposed Web site that the Sheddies have developed.

In brief the sheddies believe that the Blog is not appropriate as the only internet site for Menz Shed Wellington, but after discussion saw a place for both after talking about the differences between Blog and Web site. Alan Royal who designed and built the Blogsite was not present to put his side of the debate. It was noted by Tom that the Blog site has been the sole IT voice of Menz Shed Wellington for better part of a year and so unilateral decisions from Sheddies (or Steering Group) are inappropriate and unhelpful. General recognition that proponents of both Blog and Website need to “manage the relationships” well, so that unnecessary offense is not given or taken. Will revisit this soon. Steering Committee to check in with Alan.

10. Pamphlet and Sign for outside of Building presented and discussed.

11. Steering Committee suggested some additional input to pamphlet. Doug and Tom to confirm over next day or two.

12. Opening Day is being planned for Saturday 13th March 2010.

Next week Sheddies and Steering Committee to meet 10.00 am before the next Shed meeting on Thursday 25th February.

Friday, February 12, 2010

This week at the Shed - Thursday 11 February

On Thursday there was discussion around setting up a regular programme for the shed.  Some activities discussed are as follows:

Doug has advised that he is involved with a walking group who meet regularly and has suggested that any Sheddies who would like to partake, can meet at the following locations:

Each Monday the group meet at 10am at the Cornerstone (2 Ganges Road), which is the Community House in Khandallah, this walk usually goes for 1 hr.

On checking the bus timetables, the only bus (free to SuperGold Card holders) that will get you there on time leaves from the Railway Station (stop D) buses no 43 or 44 at 9.03am.  The bus journey takes approx. 30 mins.

The other walking group meet every second Wednesday (next date 24 Feb, then fortnightly thereafter) in Johnsonville, at Raroa Park, Burma Rd, between Malvina Major & Onslow  College. A train can be caught to Raroa Station and there is a track from the station that leads to Raroa Park.

These walks usually take in historic places of interest and or flora and fauna and are more of a 'dawdle' than a workout! The Wednesday walk is 2hrs approx.

If you are interested in joining the walking groups, for more information call Doug on 938 7965 or 0274373285.

Other interests noted:

  • There was  interest in arranging cooking classes for the sheddies. Alan will make some inquiries to arrange this.
  • Next week, starting on Tuesday 10am, there will be woodwork activity at the shed.  Any one interested in giving a helping hand to build the Shed's box gardens are most welcome to join in.  It is probable that this work will continue on Thursday 10am also. 
  • Inquiries are being made into the possibility of a regular Tai Chi class at the shed - watch this space.