Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MenzShed 29 August

Hi Sheddies
Where did that month go again. Last Thursday of the month again and our Haining Street Shed is geared up for a good get together to talk, eat, drink and meet guests who may or may not have been invited. Its often too noisy to have a conversation but these special Thursdays are a good chance to talk about interesting things and ideas.
Members are asked to help get the place cleaned up and ready starting from about 10.00am ready for the invited guests to arrive about 11.00am
There will be BBQ bangers, eggs, bread, tomato sauce, etc PLUS Scones PLUS a taste of freshly Smoked Fish.
Yes we have had a small fish smoker donated and one ot two people fancy they know what they are doing. We're good at the eating part.
Lets get together for a good catch-up with each other and come up with ideas for things to do in the future.
We look forward to seeing you there between 10.00am and maybe 1.30pm

PS. Looking ahead. There is to be an Annual Members Meeting Thursday 5 August to get some plans and people into place for the coming year. A real opportunty for others to contribute in either a small or larger way whatever suits.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MenzShed Thursday 15 July

More progress on the Firengine. Starting to look like the real thing now. It could have wheels back on it soon. We need to get our wood turners organised and the lathe going to produce some dummy emergency vehicle lights to make it look realistic.
Any takers for the lathe work???
THE BIG NEWS OF THE WEEK IS THAT HENRY'S RESTORED MAHOGANY COFFEE SOLD THROUGH TRADE ME FOR $250. A great contribution to our funds to help set up other projects.
Dougs kindling project is going very well with I think a stock now of about 7 bags ready for sale. There have already been quite a few sales to add to the coffers.
Malcolm was onto some bookshelves for a nice young lady client.
Garry's Mahjong case was complete and I will catch up on whether the lady has picked it up.
If anyone is interested we have 3 meltica computer office workstations that might normally be used in an open plan type office with low partitions. Any interest please speak up. They were donated to use to sell for raising funds. Excellent quality units. Quite heavy. Two are corner units with adjustable keyboard height and a long wing table on one side. Make it known if you are interested or know someone who might be.
SOUP EMULSIFIER FOR SALE!!! Very much an industrial grade and sized unit this. We intend to try Ruth Pretty Caterers and cooking school at Te Horo for interest but any other ideas please let us know. If we can find the right buyer this should be worth good money. Otherwise the component parts like the 1.3 HP motor will be very useful to drive one of our machines and the motor raising winch will make a good general purpose winch if we can find space to store it.
NAENAE COMMUNITY FAIR We have been invited to participate in the Naenae MenzSheds stand at the Naenae Community Fair on Saturday 7 August from 10am to 2pm. Seems like a good opportunity to socialise with fellow sheddies, sell a few of our fine products and make the general community aware of what MenzShed is all about. I could see us having kindling, bird feeders, potato peeler aids and anything else we might like to sell or show off. What do you think?
Norman will be away tomorrow. Maybe he is getting over his big Grumpy Old Man session today but we will be there from about 10.00 am tomorrow along with everyone else. Hope to see you there.
Cheers to everyone