Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shed update 8 May 2012 - it's all go!

We had an artist who has been painting Murals around Wellington to try to curb graffiti approach us about painting a Mural on our roller door, as it had been tagged and looked unsightly With the Sisters blessing we gave him the go ahead and that has been completed and looks great. We have some Sheddies building planter boxes out of pallets we had been given by Bunnings. Some old fashioned wooden Jig Saw puzzles owned by Paparanga Kindergarten had pieces missing which the Sheddies have replaced and painted.  A Sheddie  has started doing some traditional Maori carving. Another Sheddie who has all the right tools and is cleaning up Paua shells and carving out animal and butterfly shapes to make Mobiles for babies cots. Another job is coming up for the Wellington City Mission -  they need shelves built. They were so pleased with the food donation box that Ron, one of our coordinators made, we are going to be getting all their jobs. The donation box is so bright and impressive at the supermarket that the likes of the SPCA had a new box made because ours made theirs look shabby. So it’s all go atTHE SHED.