Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Menzshed Wellington are back in business!

Well...well. It's been a time

  Menzshed Wellington has a place at Hataitai Bowling Club.
Previously the green keepers shed. The access is via Arcus Way,
It's not a too bad a space, we will sort it. There are issues will wet block walls, Alan D has put his hand up for the sealing of that.

  We have to start from scratch as our old benches are being held by the building manager David Cross, of  The sisters of Compassion. Something about some people used it to use drugs after we left, so no-one can go in there??
This isn't too much of a problem, we're Kiwis. We'll sort it.

Anyway, we have been asked by Predator Free Northland to make traps. We have completed the first 50 of 100 traps. They aren't too bad to do.

At this stage Menzshed Wellington will be open on Thursday and Friday  9:30-1:00pm with Saturday am as an option, at this stage.

We have been given a round extendable dining table from Ray this has come in very useful.

 During the shedless days I had been active with an outreach option. where we went out and did, other than people coming to us.
One job included designing and making a fold up bed for a chap in a small bedsit. The design took a while and in the end thes build was completely different but came out primo.

We have already had requests from some play centers, which is good.
We'll keep informed on those and others of course.
We have been doing a bit of maintenance around the Bowling club,
one was a gate that had to be lifted to open...soon got sick of that.
Another gate just needed a shave...with the grinder.

Finally many thanks to the various Committees who have guided this through,
Most of all Steve Jardine who followed it up from a lead. Good One Buddy.

 Until next time