Monday, November 27, 2017

November 2017 update

We've been going for about a month in new location.

The address is now AMOS WAY, Hataitai

We've been doing local stuff, repairs, maintenance and exterior blackboard and shelves at the local play center.

Our main focus right now is getting the shed to a useable area, with the help of Bevan and Elizabeth - good going. Slowly but surely we're sorting out the shed layout. We've decided on movable, easy to access for the majority of space if need be.

 We've made work benches, from material provided from Bunnings. Thank you Muave, Event Coordinator. We are makinga table saw sled and starting on storage containers on a french cleat system.

It's a matter of utilising best the space available, an enjoyable challenge. Barry Whitfield bought in a few choice items, older but very useful, from his deceased father in law's tools. Many thanks to you and your wife.

We're looking at using the off cuts from the tunnel traps for safe bird nests. This will encourage birds after the pests are gone.

Many thanks to Nigel and the  KAPITI MENZSHED who has provided a good number of hand and power tools, among  other things. Again thanks. We are looking to be involved with the KAPITI MENZSHED with their Tools to the Pacific Program (to assist in times of emergency over there).
If any one has gear to pass on, it will be put to good use.

Until next time.

022 364 1940